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Could an Elon Musk and xQc Overwatch stream actually happen? Twitch star makes an offer

Published: 29/Jul/2019 12:08

by Connor Bennett


Top Overwatch session with Elon Musk – as well as some inside information about SpaceX.

Since departing the Overwatch League back in March 2018, xQc has gone from strength to strength with his live streams – racking up over 1.4 million followers on Twitch. Thousands of fans tune in on a daily basis to watch the Canadian flip out at whatever game he’s playing or give his opinion on some ongoing drama.

Yet, it appears as if he’s switching things up and looking to take his newfound interest in the game Kerbal Space Program and get Elon Musk on board for at least one stream. 

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc still dabbles in Overwatch despite no longer being a full-time pro.

The former Dallas Fuel star didn’t opt to send a video message or even make an on-stream plea, but instead tagged Musk in a tweet with his offer during his July 28 broadcast – where he was, again, playing the popular Kerbal Space Program. 

“Hey @elonmusk, my community and I would love to learn about rockets and livestream a tour at @SpaceX,” he tweeted. “It would be amazing, maybe some Overwatch duos after?”

While his ever-helpful viewers have tried to chip in with their own advice and tutorials for the rocket-building title, getting someone with the experience of Musk on-board will absolutely help xQc master space travel.

After all, despite the fan assistance, he needs all the help he can get to even break into space and maintain orbit after seeing some of his creations come hurtling back to the ground with an incredible dire outcome. 

Despite not replying to xQc’s offer at the time of writing, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO has already shown a willingness to get on board with internet personalities.

Back in February, after an eye-watering number of pleas from fans, Musk helped YouTube sensation PewDiePie in his fight against T-Series by appearing on his meme review show. He’s taken his own memes to the next level with a bizarre song about Harambe and using Call of Duty: Zombies to pay respects to a dead Nasa rover

YouTube / PewDiePieElon Musk appeared on PewDiePie’s ‘Meme Review’ in February

Musk has even admitted to being an Overwatch fan in the past, revealing on Twitter that he opts to choose Soldier 76 instead of some more powerful heroes. 

It remains to be seen if the pair actually do link up, but it definitely isn’t out of the question – especially if xQc continues his interest in space exploration and Musk wants to take his Overwatch skills to the next level. 


How to get your 2020 Twitch Recap: A simple guide

Published: 18/Jan/2021 10:20

by Connor Bennett


Twitch has been rolling out 2020 recaps for both viewers and streamers, letting you see who you watched the most, and if you streamed, how many total viewers you racked up. So, here’s how you can get ahold of yours. 

Over the last few years, services like Spotify and Apple Music have started to give users a recap of their year – showing off who they listened to, how many hours they spent on the app, and also adding a few recommendations for the following year.

Users of other platforms have called for similar things, so they can see just how much time they’ve spent watching videos, listening to music, and even playing games.

Twitch is one of those platforms that has followed suit, giving both viewers and streamers a recap of their 2020 on the platform – including who they watched the most, how many messages they sent in chats, and what their favorite emote to spam was. 

xQc Twitch Clip Recap 2020 Chat
Twitch / xQcOW
xQc showed off his 2020 Twitch Recap numbers and explained that they aren’t accurate.

To get your hands on your own, account-specific recap – whether you streamed or just watched along with Twitch chat – you don’t have to jump through many hurdles.

Just make sure that the email address you use on your Twitch account is active and can receive emails. If that’s all sorted, then, you’ll get an email from Twitch delivering your stats. 

If you think you’ve already got an email and might have missed it, then simply go into your email inbox and search either your Twitch username or 2020 Twitch recap. It should be there. Also, make sure to check your spam inbox, it might have gotten lost along the way and ended up in there.

That’s all there is to it, really. You don’t have to go to any new website and opt into anything special, just make sure that the email account linked to your Twitch is able to receive emails.

Of course, as nice as it is to see which streamers you’ve wasted far too much time watching, some content creators aren’t happy. Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel pointed out that the stats are skewed, and his case ruined altogether, for some streamers because of bots.