xQc drops $100,000 on another incredible sports car he can’t drive

. 4 months ago
xQc next to BMW X6M

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has bought yet another luxurious car, but he still doesn’t even have his driving license…

xQc is one of the biggest streaming stars in the world, as his staggeringly close to 10M followers puts him among the most-followed creators on Twitch.

His immense success with streaming has allowed him to treat himself to some luxurious purchases. Despite him not actually having a driver’s license, the Twitch star recently spent an insane $300k McLaren 720s Spider.

Now, Lengyel has added a new addition to his ever-growing garage, as a brand-new BMW X6M competition takes pride and place in his collection.

xQc with his McLaren
xQc bought a luxurious $320,000 McLaren in 2021.

In xQc’s February 19 broadcast, the streaming star revealed he bought another car – and he absolutely loves it.

Despite not being able to drive himself, a BMW X6M competition will join his ever-growing collection. While he doesn’t mention what model year the new vehicle is, the BMW X6M competition would’ve set the streamer back roughly an insane $110,000.

“It’s kinda bussin, sheesh. It’s actually insane,” said xQc. “I like it a lot. I’m really happy with it.”

Fans of the streamer wondered why he didn’t opt for Lamborghini Urus instead, but xQc explained that the BMW comes with some great perks.

“Nah not the Urus. The Urus is expensive and doesn’t have all the cool perks the BMW has. Dude, the car is like a f**king race car, it pushes like f**king crazy, and it has insane cool features with it.”

Nobody can guess what car the juicer will set his eyes on next. But, with absurd 617 hp, his new BMW X6M competition will fit nicely in his garage alongside his McLaren 720s Spider and Tesla that he got in 2020.

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