xQc disgusts Twitch viewers by revealing the state of his keyboard: "What is this sh*t?" - Dexerto

xQc disgusts Twitch viewers by revealing the state of his keyboard: “What is this sh*t?”

Published: 25/Mar/2022 21:13

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel left Twitch viewers completely grossed out after he revealed the disgusting state of his keyboard.

xQc is one of Twitch’s most successful streamers. The former Overwatch League pro frequently streams to tens of thousands of viewers who watch him play numerous games, check out memes and discuss a variety of topics.

It’s proven to be quite lucrative for the French Canadian too, as a 2021 leaked earning report indicated that he had made over $8m on the platform since September of 2019.

So much streaming, however, seems to have left the Twitch icon’s keyboard in a state of disarray and even baffled the streamer himself when he decided to clean it.


xQc grosses himself out by cleaning his keyboard

During a March 24 broadcast, Lengyel showed his keyboard off on camera, much to the disgust of his viewers who didn’t appreciate how dirty it was.

“It’s not bad-bad,” xQc said at first despite his chat thinking the opposite.

A few moments later, the Laval native noticed crumbs and other gunk fall onto his desk from the keys and started having second thoughts.

“Oh my God. It is kinda bad,” he admitted. “Oh my God, what is some of this sh*t?”

Eventually, he was able to get the pieces of dirt and other unknown elements off his desk, but it was clear that his keyboard had seen better days.


This isn’t the first time that xQc has grossed out viewers. Back in 2021, he gave a tour of his stream room, revealing a lot of garbage and fast food packages all over his desk area.

Hopefully, the Twitch streamer can get his stream hygiene under control so his viewers aren’t left gagging in disgust the next time he shows off his room or equipment.