xQc disgusts Twitch fans after revealing “vile” cereal eating habit

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Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has left his viewers disgusted after unveiling a particularly obscure cereal eating method.

In the world of streaming, the days can be long and it’s important to make time for a quick bite to eat. Streaming icon Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has treated viewers to an insight of his meals before, though some are definitely not for a faint stomach.

Now, xQc has revealed to his viewers one of his more uncommon methods of eating, as the streamer loves to eat cereal with water (yes, water).

xQc abandoned drinking milk years ago: “I’m not trying to be edgy”

During his August 26 Twitch stream, xQc dove into a conversation with viewers about his eating habits. While the streamer sadly wasn’t showcasing any fresh cooked meals this time around, he did reveal his choice to steer of milk, favouring water in his cereal instead.

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xQc explained that “whenever it comes to drinking milk itself, I haven’t drank milk, in dude, like 8 years. I just don’t like it anymore.”

“I have cereal either raw or with water. Dudes, guys, I’m not even trying to be edgy or like different dude. I like chocolate cereal with water instead of milk. I think its dank,” continued xQc.

If you wondered what cereal the acclaimed streamer prefers, he added that he tends to go for “Krave.”

Naturally, xQc’s revelation in the world of cereal eating has caused plenty of Twitch and YouTube viewers to question the streamer’s choices.

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Within the streamer’s text chat, many viewers claimed they thought it was “vile” to replace milk with water in cereal.

However, YouTube is where viewers truly got heated. One commenter said that: “I don’t mind listening to xQc hot takes all day but this is a SIN.”

Calling back to another quirky habit of xQc’s, another commenter added: “How will this affect this toenail muncher’s legacy?”

While some admitted they weren’t huge fans of the dairy product either, commenters like G_Low said: “I don’t like milk but I would NEVER USE WATER INSTEAD OF MILK BRUH.”

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Will xQc restore balance to his cereal eating in the future? Only time will tell.