xQc destroys Twitch viewer calling him part-time streamer: “I work more hours than you”

xqc-part-time-streamerTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel destroyed a Twitch viewer who called him a part-time streamer, claiming he works more hours than them and that streaming is “real work” and “harder than a job.”

xQc is one of the most dedicated streamers on Twitch. He’s only taken 85 days off since the beginning of 2017, which is significantly less than the average worker who generally have 124 days off every calendar year.

However, that didn’t stop a viewer from calling him a “part-time streamer,” implying that he’s lazy and questioning his dedication.

xQc wasn’t impressed with the comment and roasted the viewer into oblivion.

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xQc with his McLarenxQc
xQc is one of the most dedicated Twitch streamers on the platform.

“Part-time streamer?” said xQc in response to the fan’s comment. “B*tch, on my off-weeks, I stream about one and a half times the amount that you would work at a full-time job. Don’t call me a part-time streamer.”

xQc wasn’t lying. In the last 365 days, he’s streamed for almost 4,000 hours, which is significantly higher than the 2,200 hours those working regular 40 hours a week would have spent at their jobs within the same timeframe.

“Don’t call me that!” added xQc before roasting the viewer even more. “B*tch, you probably don’t even go to all your classes at your f**king part-time school. Not even eight to ten hours a week.”

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He also shut down claims that streaming isn’t a real job. “F**k you. Streaming is a job,” he said bluntly.

“There’s a big stigma about streamers where people say streaming is easy and it’s not a job. It’s not only a job, it’s harder than a job. This sh*t is real f**king work!”

It’s not just hours spent on-stream. xQc also explained that he invests hours thinking and theorizing about the content he creates so that things are ready to go when he’s live. “I’ve got all my cards lined up.”

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The moment the brutal roast ended, xQc jumped straight back into the stream without even batting an eye. It’s not the first time he’s had to chime in on the topic, and it won’t be the last. Still, he didn’t hesitate to let loose.