xQc defends Esfand after drama over Minx Oxy “joke” at OTK event

. 7 months ago
xqc defends esfand after otk party
Twitch: xQc / Mizkif

xQc has sided with Esfand after an unexpected drama ensued following OTK’s ‘Friendsgiving Event’, explaining that protecting friends in a potentially vulnerable situation is important, and shouldn’t be shamed.

The drama was sparked during the Friendsgiving stream, when Malena tried to give fellow streamer Minx alcohol. Esfand stopped her and advised that Minx couldn’t consume alcohol due to medication she was taking.

Esfand was mocked for being overly protective and even “simping,” and Minx later said that it was only a joke that she was on medication, but Esfand wasn’t aware of the joke.

Asmongold said all three of them — Minx, Malena, and Esfand — were “in the wrong,” arguing that Esfand shouldn’t have “inserted himself” into the situation and that Minx can make her own decisions.

JustaMinx banned on Twitch
YouTube: JustaMinx
Minx says she wasn’t actually on the medication.

xQc backs Esfand after Minx drama

Reacting to Asmongold’s comments, which sparked their own controversy, xQc argued that preventing a serious risk to a friend is worth it, even if it results in some awkwardness.

“In social groups, sometimes people will make bad decisions as a whole. It’s ok to ‘insert yourself’ to make sure your friends don’t die. That’s just kinda how it is.

“I don’t want to be too crazy about this, I think it’s an ok take. It’s ok sometimes, to suffer through the possibility that you’re wrong, and it’s kind of awkward for a little bit, for the chance that someone might, or could possibly, die. That’s usually how I do it.”

xQc continued watching Asmongold’s take on the situation, but didn’t comment further.

Regardless, viewers have chosen their sides, with fans of the various streamers supporting Esfand’s decision to protect Minx, unaware that she wasn’t actually on the medication.

Minx has since apologized on her own stream if she “upset anyone.”

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