xQc decides to take hilarious dance break during Overwatch stream

by Bill Cooney



While he had some downtime during a recent Overwatch stream, Felix 'xQc' Lengyel decided to try out a dance sent to him by a viewer, and the interesting result shows he should probably stick to Overwatch.

The dance xQc attempts to imitate is BlocBoy JB's "shoot" dance, which became infamous after it was included as an emote in Fortnite.

Right as the video starts, xQc knows he's in over his head. "Oh god, fuck dude," the streamer laments as he flails around.


There are a couple times it looks like he might be about to get it, but no, those are random occurrences and it's clear xQc has no idea what he's doing.

After he finally starts using his arms he excitedly tells viewers "Oh that's how they do it, that's how they do it!" while coming nowhere close to getting the dance down.


At the end of the clip, the streamer seems to give up, and yells "I don't know how to fucking do it!" before returning to his chair to start the game.

It's a good attempt, but xQc should probably think twice if he ever feels the urge to quit his day job and take up dancing.