xQc criticizes Kim Kardashian for allowing North West on TikTok

Twitch: xqc

xQc hit out at Kim Kardashian for allowing her daughter North West to have a TikTok account after North came under fire for cosplaying as rapper Ice Spice in a series of now-deleted videos.

North West’s TikTok account has been a point of controversy for some time now, most notably after dad Kanye West hit out at ex-wife Kim Kardashian for allowing their now nine-year-old daughter to use the app last year.

More recently, North West came under fire after cosplaying as popular rapper Ice Spice in a series of videos that have since been deleted from the platform.

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Critics accused the youngster of “going too far” and even hit out at Kim Kardashian for allowing her daughter to dress up as a rapper known for her explicit lyrics. It’s unclear who deleted the videos, but many fans are speculating that Kim may have removed them due to the resulting backlash.

xQc hits out at Kim Kardashian after North West & Ice Spice drama

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is the latest prominent personality to share his two cents on the subject. He spoke out on the issue during a recent live stream while watching a Jubilee video with his fans, which asked high schoolers how they felt about their presence on social media.

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“I know it’s some f*cking pop culture type shit, yo, what is up with Kim Kardashian letting her child go absolutely f*cking wild on TikTok and sh*t?” he asked. “F*ck is that about, man? Yo, stein, I hate to say sh*t like this, Kanye was right.”

“Not about some of this sh*t that he’s said recently, but about the things he said before that in relation to this topic,” he clarified. “Sorry about that.”

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While xQc made it clear that he does not agree with Kanye’s anti-semetic comments, he appears to agree with the rapper’s stance on his daughter having a TikTok account.

This isn’t the first time North’s TikTok videos have taken the internet by storm; last year, the child star went viral for dressing up as her dad in a clip that’s garnered millions of views.