xQc claims Twitch gamblers aren’t actually scamming their viewers

xQc explains why he thinks Twitch gamblers aren't scamming viewersTwitter: xQc / Wikimedia Commons

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel claims Twitch gamblers aren’t actually scamming their viewers, arguing that their winnings aren’t that “unreasonable” and suggesting otherwise makes them look worse.

Ethan Klein made a splash when he re-joined Twitch on July 20. Not only did he criticize gambling streams in general, but he also took a swipe at streamers who have done it, including xQc.

xQc hit back with some criticism of his own, calling his take “shameless” for “throwing everybody under the bus.”

Now, he’s doubled down on his stance and taken it a step further, calling the podcast “misinformation”, since he believes Twitch gamblers aren’t really scamming anyone.

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xQc stops Twitch gambling streamsPixabay / Twitch: xQcOW
xQc has dableld in gambling streams in the past.

“I’m more against gambling than most people that are already against gambling,” he said.

”Gamba is dogsh*t. [But] if you argue against something… it has to be truthful and has to make sense. You have to do it right.

“Because if you don’t, and you [spread] misinformation, it makes everyone who does it or has done it [in the past] look even worse. Not all of them are terrible people. It makes everything look like a scammy racquet.”

His biggest gripe was that Klein claimed it was “impossible” for people to win big as often as they do on stream and were “rigging” the odds.

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“I get that it doesn’t [always] look legitimate,” he added. “[But] you don’t understand that in some of these games you can buy the bonus to win that amount.”

“Is it really that unreasonable that you’d get a 10x win on a 50k bonus? No, it’s not. It’s extremely common. Gamba is trash, but people didn’t conduct voluntary scamming… [and] when they say that on their podcast… it makes everyone look terrible. That’s the main issue.”

xQc claimed that he tried to get invited into their conversation, but accused them of ignoring him on purpose.

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In response, Ethan reached out to him on Twitter and asked if he wants to chat about it on-stream during the next stream.

xQc hasn’t responded yet, but given how passionate he is about his view, most people think he’ll probably accept it.