xQc claims Hasan gets special treatment from Twitch: “I would’ve gotten banned for that”

xQc and HasanTwitch: xQc/ Hasan

xQc has claimed that he would have been banned from Twitch for violating terms of service if he’d done the same thing as Hasan, who streamed a car chase that resulted in a person’s death.

Hasan recently streamed himself watching and reacting to a Los Angeles car chase on the news, an event that strayed close to Twitch’s policy on broadcasting distressing content.

xQc, who was streaming the same event, added a delay to his stream in line with Twitch’s terms of service, but Hasan did not, and quickly cut the live news feed after it was clear that someone had died.

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In another stream after the incident, xQc said that Hasan was able to get away with things that he couldn’t, and that he would have been banned if he’d made the same mistake.

“I’m not being a snitch about it, but Hasan watched a guy die on stream. I took the precaution to hide it. I put a delay, and I was smart about it.

“And what is my reward for it? Nothing. f*ing nothing. Actually nothing.

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“But trust me, if I saw that guy die on my stream, if I made a mistake, I would have gotten banned. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care.”

xQc also suggested that Hasan’s political stances and notoriety in the streaming community made it easier for him to slip past Terms of Service violations.

“Hasan is a political streamer in good standing, and he’s a leftist, so that’s an instant win.”

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In December last year, Hasan was banned from Twitch for a short period because of a DMCA strike. He was unbanned after 24 hours.

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