xQc claims Fuslie, Sykkuno & Valkyrae made a mistake with YouTube deals

xqc valkyraeTwitch: xQc / YouTube: Fuslie

Following Fuslie’s announcement that she was moving to YouTube, joining friends Sykkuno, Valkyrae and LilyPichy, top Twitch streamer xQc believes they “f**ked it” in their deals with the Google-owned platform.

Along with TimTheTatman, Myth, Ludwig, DrLupo and more, members of the OfflineTV and ‘Amigops’ groups have been switching sides from Twitch to YouTube too.

It appears to be a concerted effort from YouTube to sign creators who associate closely together, in the hopes of bringing over the strong community aspects which Twitch has developed.

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However, for this reason, xQc believes these streamers (Fuslie, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, LilyPichu and others) could have bargained much harder with YouTube, to get more lucrative deals.

xQc: “They kinda f**ked it”

“No joke, I think OTV, they kinda f**ked it,” xQc said. “Let’s say they’re being paid about one or two million each, a year, right. Let’s do some quick maths.

“I truly think, what if OTV banded altogether, and then said, ‘yo, dude, you cannot get any of us to YouTube, unless you give us a package deal – you buy out all of OTV for $200 million.’ I’m not kidding.

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“I think the likeliness of a big number like this to happen, would have actually worked. I’m not kidding.”

“Because you’re not buying a piece of something, you’re buying one big thing, and that’s worth a lot of money.”

One slight problem with xQc’s analysis is that not all of these streamers are technically members of OfflineTV. Although the others are closely associated, LilyPichu is the only official OTV member of the four.

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xQc believes that this method of buying out entire communities will be the ‘standard’ in the industry going forward, as opposed to buying out individual creators, whether it is for sponsorships or platform contracts.