xQc called out by Twitch viewers for divisive ‘political compass’ quiz answers


xQc has split opinion in his chat and other Twitch viewers for his response to a prompt in a political compass quiz in which the content creator was asked if he believes people with inheritable disabilities should be allowed to reproduce or not.

While on stream, xQc decided to run through a political compass quiz, one that asks the user questions and then offers up the options, strongly disagree, disagree, agree, and strongly agree. When going through the quiz, one particular answer from xQc got major attention in his chat and across the Twitch space.

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Before even beginning the quiz, xQc admitted that he will have to “hide” some of his answers in fear that his chat will not agree and call him out on his choices. As predicted, it wasn’t long until just that happened.

When xQc came across the prompt “people with serious inheritable disabilities should not be allowed to reproduce”, xQc voted to agree. Immediately after doing so, his chat began the call him out on the decision, with the Twitch streamer then quick to defend his choice.

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xQc argues people with serious inheritable disabilities should not be allowed to reproduce

“Stop it chat, stop it,” xQc shouted after they began to call him out on the decision. “Guys, it’s a slightly agree to the very serious cases that nobody can do anything. It’s GG. It’s not fair for anybody.”

xQc then quickly moved on to the next question, however, those who witnessed the clip and his answer to the aforementioned question were not willing to let it slide that easily.

After the clip was posted on Reddit, a number of users began voicing their disappointment at the comments from xQc. With many then debating the larger conversation as to whether or not a mandate such as the one xQc seemingly agrees with is ethical.

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“I think the keyword he is missing here is allowed,” one Reddit user posted. “The question is asking if the government should ban them from reproducing, not if you personally think they should or shouldn’t reproduce.”

Another called out the quiz itself for how the prompt was worded. “This test had some of the worst worded questions completely ignoring any sense of nuance. The key word people are not paying enough attention to is ‘allowed’, it doesn’t matter what your personal feelings are. ‘Allowed’ means that someone dictates what a disability is and endorses the theoretical law against reproducing. That’s eugenics, literally.”

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Continuing on with his stream and completing the rest of the quiz, xQc doesn’t appear phased by the discussion around his response to that particular prompt. The popular Twitch figure is yet to discuss the matter further.

He may have more pressing matters on his mind, after a man attempted to break into his home.

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