xQc brutally roasts KSI for playing Overwatch on console before his fight

Twitch star Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hilariously roasted British entertainer KSI for playing Overwatch before his return to the boxing ring.

YouTube star, now turned-boxer, KSI made history on August 27, fighting not only one but two opponents in one night.

The British superstar put on a good performance, with a first-round KO against Swarmz followed up by knocking out Luis Pineda in the third round later in the night.

While fighters have all kinds of weird pre-fight rituals, KSI’s pays homage to his past by doing a bit of gaming.

Before his August 27 bouts, he revealed on Instagram that he plays Overwatch on fight day. However, popular Twitch streamer xQc had a few words to say about it.

xQc roasts KSI for playing Overwatch before fight

During xQc’s Twitch stream on August 28, the day after KSI’s boxing event, the juicer slammed the YouTuber – but not for the reasons you’d expect.

In an Instagram story, KSI showed off his setup where he was playing Overwatch just a few hours before his first fight.

xQc, however, had a few words for KSI: “On console, on a TV and a controller,” he exclaimed, poking fun at the gaming setup.

One of xQc’s friends also chimed in, noting that KSI is also laying down in bed far away from the TV. “Bro, that is a trifecta man,” Félix added. “TV, console, f**king controller.”

The stream chat also pointed out his rank in-game, where he sits in Gold with the majority of players. However, xQc – a former Overwatch pro – came to his defense. “He’s gold? That’s not too bad.”

Hopefully one day we’ll see KSI and xQc on stream to play some Overwatch, as it would certainly make for some good content seeing the two personalities come together.