xQc blown away as GTA’s Trevor actor sends message to his RP character

André González Rodríguez
xqc gta trevor
Twitch: xQcOW

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was blown away by GTA Trevor’s message to his RP character, X. 

As one of the biggest GTA RP streamers on Twitch, playing the selfish character by the name of Jean Paul or “X,” xQc is a danger to Los Santos.

From the initial days of doing petty crimes such as trying to rob houses with lock picks to solo robbing banks, Jean Paul has done it all. This, in turn, granted him notoriety as one of the most famous criminals in the city.

That’s why a career criminal and former bank robber like Trevor in GTA V’s story mode is the perfect person to give X a shoutout.

xQc's GTA RP character Jean Paul
Twitch: xQc
xQc’s character, Jean Paul or “X” is one of the most known criminals in the GTA RP NoPixel server.

Trevor from GTA V gives xQc RP character a shoutout

During Nymn’s New Year’s Show, an award show that celebrates the best and funniest moments on Twitch that’s hosted by the streamer, Nymn, the French Canadian was given the 2021 Streamer of the Year award.

In order to celebrate it, other streamers, such as Cr1TiKaL and QTCinderella spoke about their experiences with xQc but one person who wasn’t a streamer took the cake by giving his own congratulations — GTA V’s Trevor Phillips.

In a Cameo, the voice actor who plays the character brought out his inner Trevor and had a few choice words to say to one of Los Santos’ most famous criminals, leaving xQc with a pleasant reaction: “that’s actually really cool.”

“X, AKA Jean Paul, AKA bank busta, AKA ghost rida, it’s OGG, AKA Trevor from GTA,” ‘Trevor’ said. “What’s up X? How are ya? … Wishing you a happy holidays, wishing you new year’s. Know what I’m saying?”

As a known bank robber, he later questioned xQc for his lack of invites for them. “Wishing you a little ‘what the F’ for not bringing Trevor, the GTA guy to your bank heists ‘cus I guess you like you play the bank heists,” he said. “Are you a bank heists kind of guy?”

It’s not often that two hardened criminals such as Trevor Phillips and Jean Paul get to interact. Who knows, maybe Los Santos might see a dangerous duo take shape.