xQc blasts Twitch streamers who “act” like they’re broke

xQc blasts Twitch streamers who act like they're brokeTwitch: xQc

Twitch star xQc took aim at his fellow streamers who “act” like they’re low on funds to maintain a relatable “facade” for their fans in a no-holds-barred broadcast.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. In fact, he’s the fifth most-followed broadcaster on the platform with over 11 million followers, and even reigned as the most-watched streamer of 2021.

As such, it makes sense that he’s rubbed elbows with other top personalities in the streaming world… but he’s not shy about calling out his colleagues for behavior that he thinks is unsavory.

Lengyel went on an unfiltered rant toward some of his fellow broadcasters during a stream on November 29, taking issue with other streamers who pretend to be poor in order to maintain a relatable image for their fanbase.

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xQc slams streamers who pretend that they’re poor

“Here’s a good one that you guys interact with every day: Streamers who act like they don’t have a lot of money,” he said to his viewers. “Streamers who act like, ‘Oh dude, I’m broke.’ Even sometimes I call them out. Like, dude, you’re rich. Stop being a dumbass.”

“They literally act [like] it deliberately. They do it on purpose. They joke or whatever, but they’re not joking. I’m not calling anybody out. …it’s a break in the facade that’s entangled with the system that’s rewarding them.”

“It’s a system that makes them money. And one of the bricks in that is acting like you don’t make money. So you remove one brick, or the other, and the facade falls apart.”

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Although xQc declined to name names, this isn’t the first time such a conversation has been tossed around on Twitch; in fact, popular streamer Sodapoppin had a parallel discussion with fans back in August, when he criticized viewers for lashing out at streamers for being rich — something that happened to HasanAbi after he bought a $2.74m mansion last year.