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xQc has bizarre experience with NBA 2K19’s face scanning feature

Published: 3/Jul/2019 22:11

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel might be best known for his Overwatch skills, but he does like to play other games from time to time. He tested out NBA 2K19‘s face scanner during his July 2 broadcast, and the results were very bizarre.

With what should be cutting-edge technology, NBA 2K19 players can scan their faces into the game using the ‘My NBA 2K19’ app on their smartphones. This allows people to play with or against their favorite teams, and is supposed to add an extra element of realism and immersion to the experience.

Twitch streamer xQc found out the hard way that these things aren’t always as clean-cut as they seem though, after he tried the technology for himself and got a very strange result.

There was so much hope at first

During his broadcast, the Canadian streamer decided to try out the face scanning app on his phone. The application boasts a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with over 41k reviews on the official iPhone App Store, so you’d think his results would be great, right? Wrong.

Upon taking a photo of his face, the process took around a minute to upload his likeness to the game itself, which isn’t bad considering it has to render a person’s entire face into a 3D model.

2K Games / ZachTheTravelingGamerNBA 2K19’s face scanner is supposed to put your likeness into the game.

Wait… what is that?

When xQc’s result first loaded itself into the game, it didn’t look like him much. Though it did have a similar eye shape, and while the hairstyle was completely different, it’s probably the closest asset the game has to the Canadian streamer’s wild barnet, so we’ll give it some credit there.

Everything else was off though, with the nose being absolutely monstrous compared to his own. It’s difficult to understand why the scanner chose those specific components when the end result looks nothing like him at all.

But in a sudden twist of fate, the face changed. And what was once a head that barely resembled xQc at all quickly turned into an even worse nightmare.

Twitch: xQcOW / 2K GamesWhat even is this?

If the first face didn’t look anything like xQc then the second one definitely doesn’t. Just why it decided to change again after he already got his result is anyone’s guess. Maybe it just loaded in too slow and was always supposed to look like that. We’ll never know.

The Canadian streamer found it just as hilarious as we do, and erupted into fits of laughter while putting his head in his hands upon seeing his apparent ‘lookalike’. 

(Mobile viewers click here to watch the following clip on Streamable.)

The face scanning app has provided players with accurate results before though, so it appears as though xQc just got unlucky with his upload. Hopefully in the future 2K Games will streamline it to make it as smooth as possible to avoid mishaps like these.


MrBeast teases chess match with grandmaster Hikaru

Published: 29/Nov/2020 11:10 Updated: 29/Nov/2020 11:15

by Luke Edwards


The Beast’s Gambit? After YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson revealed his ‘addiction’ to chess, and his wish to play with other creators, esports org TSM offered the services of their chess grandmaster, Hikaru Nakamura – and it’s looking like a collaboration is on the cards.

Chess has seen a big resurgence in popularity over the past year. After streamers like xQc and Forsen picked up the game early in 2020, chess.com established the Pogchamps: an amateur chess tournament. After the success of the first tournament, a second edition was completed in September.

Then Netflix released ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, a miniseries about a chess protege on a quest to conquer the chess world. The cultural impact has been insane. When the series was released, the International Chess Federation found that Google searches for people wanting to learn chess quadrupled.

MrBeast has already made his wish to get involved with esports abundantly clear. While chess isn’t technically an esport, the two overlap a lot nowadays, and this latest development seems like a definite step in that direction.

Mr Beast speaks to the camera in a vlog.
YouTube: Mr Beast
Mr Beast’s epic rise on YouTube has seen him do, and play, plenty of different things.

MrBeast teases match with TSM chess grandmaster Hikaru

After MrBeast tweeted out his desire to be matched up with chess content creators, TSM responded by offering the services of grandmaster, Hikaru.

“Just started playing chess a few days ago, any creators want to play? I’m addicted,” MrBeast said.

MrBeast then talked about his fascination with Hikaru’s work, explaining how he “watch[es] all his videos.” TSM looked to seal the deal, and replied: “Let’s make it happen.”

A chess matchup between MrBeast and Hikaru, or even some sort of tutorial, would be an exciting piece of prospective chess content. Hikaru seems keen to capitalize on the current hype around chess. After the success of the first two Pogchamps, Hikaru tweeted his desire for the third edition of PogChamps to be created.

He’s already had responses from big names, with Fnatic League coach YamatoCannon and StarCraft commentator Artosis willing to get involved.

If Hikaru’s bid to put together a new tournament comes to a head, perhaps we’ll be seeing MrBeast lining up as one of the competitors.