xQc banned from posting on YouTube and videos demonetized over “strikes”

xQc streaming on Twitch with YouTube logoTwitch: xQc/ YouTube

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has called out to YouTube after one of his videos was hit with a Community Guidelines strike, meaning he is banned from posting on the platform for two weeks.

xQc is often hailed as the ‘king of Twitch,‘ but like his fellow creators he also depends on the views he can pull in over on its rival YouTube.

However, various creators have been hit with unexpected strikes on the platform which can be highly disruptive for their schedules and affect their standing on the algorithm.

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Not even xQc could avoid having his YouTube content being affected after he received an “unjustified and unrelated” strike on the Google-owned platform.

xQc hit with YouTube strike

On July 12, xQc reached out directly to YouTube via Twitter calling on the site to respond after one of his videos received a strike. As a result, he was banned from uploading any more content for a fortnight.

“My account got an unjustified and unrelated strike on a video which bars me from uploading for two weeks,” xQc said. “Could I get a manual review on this please?”

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He claimed that numerous creators have also been “unnecessarily demotized lately” and that “something’s gotta be up.”

It comes after hugely popular Lo-fi music channel ‘Lofi Girl’ had their long-running livestream terminated due to “false” copyright claims. YouTube quickly responded by reinstating their videos and confirming the requests were “abusive.”

YouTube subsequently responded to xQc’s call out. Believing it was a copyright strike at first, the platform then admitted it was a Community Guidelines strike and that the issue had been passed by “the relevant team.”

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It’s unclear as of writing how long xQc’s YouTube ban will last for and what has been done to resolve the issue. Although, his fans are hoping it won’t take too long.

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