xQc and Trainwrecks break down Summit1g’s “shameless” stream setup

by Kamil Malinowski
Twitch: xQc / Summit / Trainwreckstv


Twitch veterans Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Tyler 'TrainwrecksTV' Niknam hilariously broke down Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar’s “shameless” streaming during an Escape from Tarkov session.

The three Twitch stars were playing Escape from Tarkov together when Summit1g had to take a break and leave his PC.

Trainwrecks and xQc instantly began to jokingly criticize him, commenting on the state of his setup and his room, as well as the general atmosphere of the stream.

Escape from Tarkov first person gameplay in a huge field
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Escape from Tarkov is a realistic FPS that's currently popular on Twitch.


“Dude he positions things absolutely shamelessly” began Tyler, before xQc cut in with a “yeah, dude… it’s like real-estate. His stream is like real-estate for advertisers.”

Trainwrecks then continued with his comment, focusing his attention on Summit’s now-empty chair. “That chair is like a pair of tits on the stream, it’s absolutely mind-boggling how my eyes are going right to the Twitch symbol.”

“And he won’t even sit on it… literally all he has to do” added Felix, jokingly hinting that he is being paid just for his chair to be on the camera, displaying the Twitch logo.


The two didn’t let up there, however, as they took aim at his room next. Tyler kicked it off once again by saying “let me ask you this [xQc], what the hell is that anime, weeb sh*t on the back poster… that dude’s 45 years old dude.”

Summit then returned to his PC and the two poked a bit of fun at him for leaving as they both died and he was gone for what they claimed to be a long while.


However, the American brushed it off and continued to play Tarkov, none the wiser about the roasting he had received for such a ‘shameless’ stream.