xQc and NYXXII make their relationship public on Twitch stream

xqc and nyyxxiiTwitch: xQc

Canadian Twitch star xQc and UK streamer NYXXII made their relationship public on his Twitch stream on November 1, just days after xQc dismissed speculation that he and his ex Adept were back together.

Although there has been some speculation about the pair, they both made it very clear that they are more than just friends when NYYXXII made an appearance on his November 1 stream.

On October 31, xQc had been embroiled in some drama with his former long-term partner, Adept, after she had shown up at his home in the early hours of the morning. The pair appear to be on good terms, although Adept also implied that she is in fact the owner of xQc’s McLaren supercar, angering many of his fans.

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If you’re an xQc fan who is out of the loop, NYYXXII is an English streamer with over 300,000 followers on Twitch, who first interacted with xQc (at least publicly) on a podcast/dating show alongside Adin Ross and Kai Cenat.

As soon as she showed up on Felix’s latest broadcast, fans guessed there might be something between them, spamming “W Rizz” – a phrase for getting a girl popularized on Kai Cenat’s stream.

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The pair spoke at length on xQc’s latest stream, before giving the chat what they wanted.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, this clip quickly spread on Reddit and social media.

Fans are generally happy for xQc, who has moved on from his previous relationship despite the drama attached to it.

But, many also commented on the uncanny similarity between them both – with almost identical hairstyles, some joked that xQc “kissed a mirror”.

After she left the room, xQc joked “I’m on my grindset. I heard a song by Future where he says ‘don’t chase a b*tch,” – before quickly making sure NYYXXI was out of earshot.

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