xQc and Andrew Tate clash in Twitch stream with Adin Ross and Trainwreck

Andrew Tate and xQcTwitch: AdinRoss

Andrew Tate returned to Adin Ross’ Twitch stream on July 14, and was joined by a litany of other content creators, including Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who has been vocally critical of Tate’s opinions on women.

The controversial walking quote machine, Andrew Tate, has now infiltrated the gaming and streaming community, featuring in his second stream with Adin Ross.

If you get the feeling your social media feeds have been hammered with clips by Andrew Tate, you wouldn’t be the only one, with hundreds of accounts across a variety of platforms spamming out his quotes. It’s got to the point where high-profile comedian Andrew Schulz, also a popular internet personality himself, joked that Tate is the “most influential human in the history of the internet.”

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The issue many have with Tate often centers around his views on women. He’s quoted with comments such as ‘the anatomy of a woman belongs to the man she’s with’ or that his girlfriend is not allowed to go out on her own because other men will hit on her. It was these types of comments that led xQc to speak out and claim Tate was a misogynist, after watching his first stream with Adin Ross – who recently returned to Twitch following a ban.

xQc vs Andrew Tate kicks off on Twitch stream

As a man who appears to relish in speaking to his haters, Tate once again teamed up with Adin on the morning of July 14, and duked it out with xQc, who challenged his opinions, this time face to face. Other streamers joined in too with Trainwreck, LosPollosTV and YourRage featuring. However, most of the heated conversation was dominated by xQc and Tate. 

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The two sparred back and forth over the Romanian-based influencer’s views on women, with xQc at one point claiming that Tate was “fearful” when talking about letting his girlfriend go out, which was then denied, forcing the French Canadian to double down with an analogy about wind and a bulletproof vest.

“Bro you won’t wear a bulletproof vest because you’re scared of the fucking wind, you wear a bulletproof vest against guns, and bullets, bitch”.

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While the stream had all of the hallmarks of a classic heated debate, there were also a number of laugh-out-loud moments, usually sparked by xQc getting frustrated with what was being said, or in the case of the clip below, the unusual scenario that he was faced with.

Throughout the hours of conversation, Tate, sitting topless presumably in his home in Romania, was being massaged the entire time by a masseuse behind him. This led to an interaction that even Tate and his masseuse couldn’t stop laughing at.

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“Also is that lady building you a new fucking back and rearranging your bones?” xQc shouted, “Why has she been massaging you for a full hour straight bro? What is she doing out there man?”

With the pair clearly not even agreeing to disagree on most of the points made, the stream ended shortly after with floods of comments in both xQc and Adin’s chat attempting to decide the winner.

There was no winner of course because that’s just not how the internet works. However, judging by the smirk on Tate’s face throughout, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him feature with more creators from the streaming space in future.

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British-born but now based in Romania (a country he claims he moved to because it’s easier to bribe officials), Tate’s business background ranges from running a multi-million dollar cam site, owning casinos, to running an online ‘Hustlers Academy’, which claims to provide advice to men on how to be more successful. 

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