xQc admits he’s jealous of Sodapoppin’s life compared to his: “He’s living the life”

Twitch streamer xQc wearing white t-shirt and HyperX gaming headsetxQc

Twitch star xQc has admitted he’s actually somewhat jealous of fellow streamer Sodapoppin and his lifestyle compared to his.

xQc is one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world, boasting an impressive 11.8 million followers on the Amazon-owned platform, and regularly pulling over 50,000 viewers.

Much thanks to his followers, xQc has still been able to live a rather lavish lifestyle — notably spending hundreds of thousands on several cars, despite not even being able to drive them himself.

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Regardless, despite being one of the biggest content creators on the planet, and having a loyal and passionate fanbase by his side, the Twitch star is still jealous of his one of his peers – sodapoppin.

xQc admits he’s jealous of Sodapoppin’s lifestyle

During his April 23 broadcast, the ‘Juicer’ opened up on how he’s actually envious of another Twitch streamer. Sodapoppin is one of Twitch’s veteran stars, streaming on the platform for over a decade.

While quickly flicking between various live streams, the Twitch star briefly tuned into Sodapoppin’s broadcast. Despite his chat taking the opportunity to poke fun at Soda, xQc jumped to his defense and explained how he’s living a good lifestyle.

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“I mean, he’s living the life,” he said. “I mean you guys can criticize him all you want, he lives with his girlfriend in some nice house and he’s living his life.”

xQc continued: “I mean look at us, dude, I can’t sleep at night, I eat McDonald’s motherf**ker every meal. I’m alone in this f**king dumbass house that I hate.”

Fans were quick to point out how xQc could easily change his life around, to which the Twitch star responded: “I get it, I can change it. I get it, but I mean still.”

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Nevertheless, the streamer recently sparked concerns after opening up about his mental health writing: “Just sad lately, that’s it. Nothing else.”

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