xQc abruptly ends Twitch stream amid “crazy headspace” and leaves fans concerned

xQc in blue and white shirt in front of dr disrespect blanket looking at cameraTwitch: xQc

Fans of Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel were left a bit concerned after the Canadian streamer had to end his broadcast early and revealed he’s in a “crazy” headspace.  

If you’ve ever turned into an xQc stream, you’ll know that the former Overwatch League star will stream for at least 12 hours. It’s not a shock at times to see him stretch that to over 20 hours before heading offline for a day or two. 

He’s not one to cancel streams after just a short time online, and it’s very rare that he goes offline out of the blue. Well, of his own accord anyway. There have been a few times when trolls have prevented him from being able to stream with a wave of DDOS attacks

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That has happened for a while, though, so it was a bit concerning to some fans when xQc had to dip out of his November 22 stream earlier than he had planned. 

xQc fans left worried after streamer ditches stream early

The Twitch star was just approaching the 4-hour mark of his November 22 broadcast when, after taking repeated breaks for lengthy phone calls, he had to scrap the stream entirely. 

“Chat, I’m not going to sugarcoat anything and make things weird, ok, something is happening, and chat, it’s the first time in my entire career I’ve done this before,” he said. “Something is going on that needs my full attention and I have to attend to it and give it my full attention, I just have to. 

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“I don’t want to make things weird or odd, I just have to end and just go. I’m too in a crazy headspace. I have to go through this and we’re good. I have never done this and I hope you understand.”

His chat was immediately filled with messages of support, telling him to focus on dealing with the situation at hand rather than staying on stream. “Hope everything is ok xqcL,” said one. “Hope all is well bro,” added another. “Stay safe dog.”

Though, there were naturally some who questioned why he was jumping off stream and wanted answers. They noted that the streamer returned to talk in his chat, trying to get the attention of fellow streamer M0xyy.

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The streamer has yet to address things, however, but could do so when he hops back on stream next given he’s worried some fans with the quick exit.