xoAeriel blasts “hypocrite” Adin Ross over Twitch hot tub ban after Amouranth stream

xoaeriel calls out adin ross for hot tub streamsxoAeriel/AdinRoss

Streamer xoAeriel is hitting out at Adin Ross for urging Twitch to ban hot tub streams after he took advantage of the meta with Amouranth and Yung Gravy.

xoAeriel was the first streamer to really kick off the Twitch hot tub meta as it dominated the Amazon-owned platform for much of 2021 with female streamers lounging around in bikinis.

The streams proved to be controversial due to what some considered to be sexual content, and as such, Twitch announced a pools & beaches category in an attempt to free up the Just Chatting section.

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Now, with Adin Ross encouraging Twitch to outright ban the streams once and for all, xoAeriel is accusing him of being hypocritical given his past broadcasts.

Adin Ross blasted after urging Twitch to ban hot tub streams

Not long after Adin’s comments on “poison” hot tub streams went viral, xoAeriel took to Twitter to voice her displeasure with them.

“It’s okay for Adin Ross to use women’s bodies for content but women shouldn’t be able to use their own,” she rhetorically said. “It’s just funny that someone who built their brand off the literal backs of women all of a sudden doesn’t support them doing their own thing.”

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Speaking with Dexerto, the hot tub stream innovator explained that her main issue was with his past broadcasts.

“I just want it to be known he’s a hypocrite. He’s streamed hot tub streams with [Amouranth.] He’s an Andrew Tate wannabe now, I’m not sure if it’s just an act to get Andrew’s audience or if it’s genuine, but he should keep in mind Andrew was deplatformed for a reason,” she said.

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Back in 2022, Adin Ross and Amouranth, one of the biggest hot tub streamers on Twitch, had a stream together along with rapper Yung Gravy.

As for Twitch being called to ban the category, xoAeriel isn’t worried in the slightest and believes it’s making the site too much money for it to ever be removed.

“Twitch isn’t going to ban pools hot tubs and beaches. It’s too profitable and people tend to stay longer in those streams which is exactly what Twitch wants.”

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This isn’t the first streamer to call out Adin Ross either. Notably, Adriana Chechik called Ross “one of the most disrespectful” people she’d ever met and accused him of “chasing after sex workers for views.”

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