WWE insider reveals why Logan Paul already has a title match against Roman Reigns

logan paul vs roman reignsWWE

YouTuber-turned-boxer and now WWE superstar Logan Paul is set to face off against Roman Reigns for the Universal Title very soon into his career, but according to a pro-wrestling insider, there’s a good reason for it.

Logan Paul will be battling Roman Reigns at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view event in Saudi Arabia come November in a match that very few saw coming.

The match was officially announced at a press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada where it was further revealed that the bout would be for the Universal Championship.

Some fans have been confused as to why Logan Paul is receiving a title match and competing against the WWE’s top star so early in his career. During an interview with TSN, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer explained why WWE made this decision.

Dave Meltzer explains why Logan Paul already has a title match

Speaking with TSN Radio, Meltzer revealed that Logan Paul is a massive hit in Saudi Arabia, especially with a Saudi prince.

“He’s a big deal to the Saudi Arabian prince and that’s the whole thing of these shows,” Meltzer said.

Furthermore, it’s not even a matter of selling more tickets. According to Meltzer, it’s all about booking matches that the Saudi prince wants to see.

“It is a play because the prince wants celebrity fights in Saudi Arabia to build the name in the media of Saudi Arabia and Logan Paul will get more of the type of press that Saudi Arabia is looking for than Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins,” the insider added.

“That’s what Saudi Arabia is there for. Saudi Arabia is for matches that the prince wants that will get press attention around the world for Saudi Arabia so this is a great match for that.”

In any case, it would seem quite unlikely given Meltzer’s comments that Logan Paul wins the WWE Universal title in Saudi Arabia, but stranger things have definitely happened in the world of pro-wrestling.