WoW streamer trolls Twitch viewers who don’t sub or donate


World of Warcraft streamer ‘McconnellRet’ began trolling his Twitch viewers for criticizing him, saying he wouldn’t listen because they hadn’t donated or subscribed to his channel.

The Twitch streamer is just short of 175,000 followers on the platform and is best known for his World of Warcraft streams.

During his March 20 broadcast, however, McconnellRet revealed that he had no interest in what many of his viewers had to say – unless they subscribed or donated to his channel.

This WoW streamer was not happy with non-paying viewers’ criticisms.

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While broadcasting his World of Warcraft gameplay, one of the streamer’s viewers suggested that he should play the popular WoW: Classic instead of the game’s Retail edition that he was streaming at the time.

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After going back and forth with his viewers on why Retail was much better for his Retribution Paladin playstyle, the streamer seemingly snapped that he doesn’t care about what his viewers want.

“I don’t give a f**k about what my viewers want me to do,” he expressed, seeming fed up with his followers, “my viewers don’t give me any money.”

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He continued, suggesting that if his viewers were to subscribe and donate he would be more open to their suggestions and opinions on World of Warcraft.

“Maybe if you guys gave me money I’d care more, give me money and I’ll care, how about that?” McconnellRet added.

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When a viewer responded by claiming that Mcconnell already has 2,000 subs, he hit back and said his sub count was down to 1,000, because it was a ‘new month’. He received five gifted subs shortly after too.

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Many of the streamer’s viewers were not too happy with his statements, highlighting that donations and subscriptions were optional, and that content on Twitch does not require viewers to spend any money.

However, others in his chat expressed that the streamer was not completely serious and is known for making some outrageous comments while attempting to troll his chat, although many believed it had gone too far.

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This is not the first time that a Twitch streamer has hit out at viewers for not spending money on them, as BadBunny also received backlash for her comments about viewership on the platform.

Call of Duty streamer Wings of Redemption also received backlash for threatening to end his stream unless he was making at least $10 per hour in donations.