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WoW Classic streamer Jokerd mocked for fast food fail

Published: 6/Oct/2019 23:11

by Eli Becht


Twitch streamer Jokerd alarmed his viewers, and was mocked over what looked like absolute confusion in how to fill his cup at a drink machine.

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Filling up your fountain drink is a pretty simple action that people apparently take for granted each day as Jokerd looked like he used one for the first time during his stream.

While waiting for his order at a fast food restaurant, he took his empty cup over to the machine, but instead of using it normally, he sat the cut down under the spout and did it by hand.

JokerdTV TwitchJokerd did a face reveal after becoming the first level 60 in WoW Classic.
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This method of filling his glass was quickly met with a ton of confusion as he poured root beer on his hand while figuring out what to do.


When chat saw this going on, they quickly began mocking him by spamming question marks and emotes that let everyone know just how confused they were by what was transpiring.

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Lucky for everyone watching, Jokerd was able to get his cup filled up, even if it was through some strange method.

It’s completely possible he was trolling everybody by doing what he did so that’s something to keep in mind if you don’t want to think about how someone could be so clueless on how to fill up a drink.

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It’s been a long journey for Jokerd and he’s actually exploded in popularity since August. Of course, that’s when World of Warcraft Classic burst onto the scene and he rose to fame by becoming the first player to reach level 60.


After being blocked from deleting his character immediately after, he eventually did so and then did a face reveal.

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Now he’s taking this fame and doing IRL streams so he’s seemed to have done alright adjusting to it all so far.

Hopefully, for viewers’ sake, he won’t be having any more blunders like this again.