Woman’s failed attempt to protect house from Hurricane Ian goes viral on TikTok

TikTok Hurricane IanTikTok: eastcoastdiy

In anticipation of Hurricane Ian, a TikToker waterproofed their house. They nailed extra cardboard protection, with hopes it would prevent the water from seeping in. The failed attempt to fight against the elements went viral on TikTok.

Hurricane Ian continues devastating homes, ravaging America’s Southwest coasts. According to CNN, the hurricane has reportedly killed over 100 people.

And though the severity of the situation is not to be taken lightly, TikTokers took the opportunity to create video content from the natural disaster, where they shared the damage dealt by the tropical storm.

In one of these viral videos, a woman in Florida, anticipating the hurricane, attempted to create counter measures to prepare her home for the hurricane. But unfortunately, Hurricane Ian had other plans.

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Hurricane Ian ignores waterproofing attempt

In a viral TikTok video with over 12 million views, the home owner shared a short video where they nail what appears to be cardboard onto the windows and doors of their home.

The video stated, “I thought I could waterproof my house…”

Despite their hopes, that didn’t stop the storm from ravaging their house. In the video, water spills inside, flooding the entire home.

Though it was valiant effort, the TikToker’s waterproofing attempt did little to protect the house from the hurricane. Waves crashed in, and water levels rose dangerously high.

The house’s waterproofing cardboard can barely be seen in the latter half of the video as the flooding completely submerged the protection.

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Commenters couldn’t help but find humor in the situation, sharing their humorous takes in the comments section.

“You’re also gonna need a lot of rice,” said one user.

Another TikTok user poked fun at the situation: “You know something ain’t right when the ocean knocks on your front door.”

TikTok Hurricane IanTikTok: eastcoastdiy

This specific TikTok is only one of many videos that went viral during the natural disaster. In fact, there’s a brand new viral trend taking over the internet: The Michael Jackson challenge.