Woman sparks outrage for saying “natural bodies are for poor females”

woman goes viral for saying natural bodies are for poor womenUnsplash.com: Zoran Zonde Stojanovski

A woman is sparking backlash after posting a viral tweet claiming “natural bodies are for poor females,” creating a major debate about plastic surgery, mental health, and self-esteem.

In this day and age of social media, increasingly unattainable beauty standards and their effects on people’s self-esteem have become major topics of conversation across the web.

With many users opting for apps like FaceTune or Instagram filters to enhance their appearance,images of perfectly-contoured faces and curvy figures often fill up one’s timeline.

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Now, another major topic has been tossed into the discussion, thanks to a Twitter user named ‘Goated Throated.’ (No, we’re not making that up.)

Back in January, ‘Goated Throated’ posted a tweet where she claimed that “natural bodies are for poor females.”

She followed up her post by doubling down on her statement, saying, “I said what I said,” and adding, “Y’all mad as f*ck.”

That being said, she did agree to a reply to her tweet saying “natural bodies look better”— but her post has struck a chord on the internet, anyway.

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Woman sparks debate after claiming “natural bodies are for poor females”

Her post has struck up quite a conversation. Many users agreed that modern beauty standards are held behind a kind of paywall. To achieve Kim Kardashian’s hourglass figure, one might need to hit up their plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation and a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), which can cost thousands of dollars and are some of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries out there.

“And BBL’s are for girls with low self esteem ’cause they wasn’t born blessed,” one user shot back.

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“Is it hard to believe that some people like their natural body?” another wrote. “Everybody doesn’t want to look the same!”

“Natural bodies are for women who love themselves and have self-confidence,” yet another said. “They don’t let society dictate how they should look. Don’t project your self-hate and lack of self-love on others. Much love to all of those who love themselves how you are.”

This is far from the first time the internet has hit back at unrealistic beauty standards; in fact, TikTok’s ‘Bold Glamour’ filter came under fire from a swath of users who accused it of “messing with people’s body dysmorphia” due to its highly realistic nature.

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