Woman shocks viewers by ‘hiding’ pregnancy and sucking in baby bump

Woman shows flat stomach on the left, reveals huge baby bump on the rightTIKTOK: mariahlynne1996

A heavily pregnant mother left TikTok viewers shocked after showing that she can make her baby bump ‘vanish’ by sucking it in.

TikToker Mariah (mariahlynne1996) is expecting a baby in May, and has been sharing video updates throughout her pregnancy for her 33,000 followers.

After learning that she’d soon be welcoming her fifth child, the mother said she vowed to conceal the unplanned pregnancy from close friends and family by sucking in her stomach for as long as possible. 

She’s now going viral for her impressive ability to pull in her huge baby bump, making it almost entirely disappear.

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TikToker hides pregnancy by sucking in baby bump

In a TikTok clip with over a million views, Mariah mocked a user in a text over the post, writing: “I found someone who can hide their pregnancy better than you.”

Looking doubtful, the 26-year-old mom responded by lifting up her shirt to reveal her large belly, as she lip-synced the lyrics: “I gotta see her” to the song ‘Mrs. Right’ by Mindless Behavior. 

TikTok users in the comments were mind-blown by what they had just seen.

“Not me jumping back!! Like where did the baby go?!!” one person wrote.

“Ok, but it definitely looked like a magic trick, like you just blew your belly up,” another added.

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“How on earth did you do that? I’ve been pregnant 3 times and there was no room to do that,” a third said.

While many were stunned by Mariah’s ability to conceal her baby bump, others said they, too, have successfully managed to hide their pregnancies.

“Done it with all pregnancies, I don’t even look pregnant,” one commented. “Meee. No one even knew until I was pushing my baby in the pram,” another said.

“Hid mine the whole 9 months since I can’t drive I hardly got out! So nice not having everyone in your business,” someone else shared.

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