Woman selling engagement ring bombarded by “creepy” Facebook messages

Woman selling engagement ring bombarded by creepy Facebook messagesTikTok: camille.fahrnbauer

A woman hoping to sell her engagement ring has taken to TikTok to share the “creepy” messages she received via Facebook Marketplace following the listing.

In this day of modern dating, social media has become a common method used for singles to meet their match.

From dating apps to Instagram to Snapchat, there are countless stories of people happening across “the one” while online dating. But what about meeting through Facebook Marketplace?

Not exactly known for its romantic associations, one woman was surprised when her Facebook listing resulted in multiple men making their move. And they used the fact she was selling an engagement ring as their chance to slide into her DMs.

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26-year-old Camille Fahrnbauer decided to sell the 1.6-carat diamond ring after a hiking accident resulted in her having to quit her job.

Nursing an injury and having been left by her husband of two years earlier in February, Camille decided it was a good time to make an extra “couple of thousand” and sell her engagement ring.

However, many of the messages she received were from men not actually interested in purchasing but instead hoping to steal a date; “I’m not looking for a ring yet. Would it be bold of me to take my shot?”

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“[To be honest] I really dont want the ring, I rather just use the ring to remarry you,” another wrote.


Luckily, Camille was able to find a buyer and used her newfound freedom and money for a trip to Italy… with her friend, not one of the “creepy” guys messaging her on Facebook.

Calling the bold messages “Facebook Marketplace Rizz,” Camille instead posted the screenshots on her TikTok, hilariously offering some advice in her caption; “Ladies, delete Hinge [and] download Facebook Marketplace.”

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Best of all, one of Camille’s viewers even recognized a suitor in her messages, commenting, “Not one of these men being my good friend. He will never live this down now. STRAIGHT TO THE [GROUP CHAT].”

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