Woman says UberEats charged fee for canceling order after chef cut off his finger

TikToker Sami Schubert looking into the cameraTikTok: Sami.Schubert

A woman on TikTok claims that UberEats charged her a fee for canceling her order after the driver called to tell her the chef at the restaurant cut off his finger.

It’s no secret that delivery apps like UberEats, Doordash, and more have been the source of a wide variety of stories across the internet.

From stolen Chik-Fil-A orders to arguments with delivery bots and customers reporting drivers missing, the stories are endless.

TikToker Sami.Schubert is among the latest to share their UberEats story which involves canceling her order after the chef cut off his finger.

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Woman canceled her order after chef cut off finger

Sami recalled the situation with her order in a video uploaded on March 29, calling for users to use other delivery apps.

The TikToker revealed that she decided to order IHOP late at night and while waiting for the order, her driver messaged her to tell her that the chef had cut off his finger.

Sami also revealed that an ambulance was there, and the driver requested that she cancel the order. In doing so, however, Uber Eats charged her a $20 cancellation fee.

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Users quickly took to the comments on the video to share their thoughts about the app as well as Sami’s situation.

“Doordash is the same, they did something similar to me so I don’t use DoorDash either,” one replied.

Another viewer replied: “Something similar happened to me, they closed the chat on me as well.”

While others cast a bit of doubt on her situation: “I think the restaurant may have canceled your order if this really happened.”

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