Woman says she crushes on “ugly coworkers” in viral TikTok and viewers can relate

TikToker stephlovesweetsTIKTOK: stephlovesweets

A TikToker has gone viral after revealing that she gets crushes on her “ugly coworkers,” as many viewers can relate.

The content creator who posts under the handle stephlovesweets went viral after posting a clip of herself lip-syncing to a sound, and moving her camera lens around with a text over the video that reads: “When you start to get little crushes on your ugly co-workers bc they’re the only ppl you socialize with.”

She wrote in the caption “HAHAH and then i realize and im like wtf was I thinking, and in a follow up remark she joked in the comments section: “If we work together I’m kidding.”

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The 5-second TikTok video has amassed nearly 700,000 views, as this seems to be a common occurrence for a lot of people, judging by the responses in the comment section.

TikTok react to woman crushing on “ugly coworkers”

“After he choose someone else I was like ??? This man is a drop out who wakes up at 6am just to smoke why’d i let myself get down for thatttt,” one user commented, to which the TikToker replied “Literally I realize how low I was looking.”

“Me convincing myself that the people I work with are hot when they’re very much not,” another user wrote.

“Literally I had a crush on a 2 mediocre dudes my height, bc I had the [same] shift as them,” a third user wrote.

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“It’s an actual thing! I learned in Psych that it’s called the proximity effect,” someone else shared.

According to the Proximity Principle, people are simply more likely to form a relationship with those they spend the most time with, which explains why coworkers who spend 40 hours a week together can eventually become interested in each other.

Verywell Mind states that this principle also extends to people who take classes together, or just spend a lot of time with one another in general: “People who sit physically closer together in the same office or classroom are more likely to form relationships than those who sit farther apart.”

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“As a result, people may be more likely to strike up a friendship with their lab partner at school or their co-worker in the next cubicle than they are with someone else.”