Woman reveals how Gucci fired her because of viral TikTok about freebies

Screenshots of woman in Gucci with captions about getting fired on TikTokTikTok: Moradi.Mp4

A TikToker has revealed that she got fired by Gucci less than two weeks after joining the fashion brand all because of the caption on her video. 

Over the last few years, TikTok has become the go-to social media platform of choice for many, as they use it to document their lives and everything they have going on.

Naturally, some TikTokers use it to talk about their jobs. We’ve seen plenty of TikTokers highlight secret tricks they’ve discovered while working in fast food, others arguing with their boss, and some getting fired unexpectedly.

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In the case of TikToker Melanie Moradi (moradi.mp4), she revealed that she was fired by Gucci barely two weeks after joining them, all because of a post she had made about joining. 

TikToker fired by Gucci after making viral unboxing video about work freebies 

That’s right, the TikToker joined the luxury fashion brand back in April and, naturally, celebrated with a post believing that she had freebies for working with them. 

She did an unboxing, which has racked up over 9.4 million views, captioned “Should I just keep the bag and ghost.” That, Moradi told Insider, landed her in hot water with Gucci. 

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“They didn’t fire me for the video itself. They fired me for my caption,” she told them, noting that she had been asked to take the original TikTok down at the time. Though, it is back now. “HR told me it didn’t shine a good light onto Gucci.”

The TikToker was also made to give back the items she had made the video on, which led some viewers to joke about her literally fumbling the bag. 

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“This is why you don’t put your job on TikTok,” one said. “I’m sorry, but there are rules you have to follow,” added another, with another viewer saying they aren’t allowed to mention the company they work for on any social media platform.

Others questioned if she didn’t consult Gucci’s employee policies on posting to social media, which Melanie admitted she hadn’t done.

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