Woman goes viral as ‘temporary tattoo’ she got 14 months ago still hasn’t come off

Woman claims 'temporary tattoo' she got 14 months ago still hasn't come offTIKTOK: celle_tattoo

A woman has went viral on TikTok, after claiming the temporary tattoo that were supposed to be ‘gone in a year’ hasn’t come off over a year later.

In a viral 14-second clip, Celle (celle_tattoo) showed a tattoo behind her ear that she said was supposed to fade but had left clear markings.

“It’s been 14 months,” she wrote in text over the video, which amassed 1.1 million views and over 57,000 likes. “I hate this thing lmao.”

Many TikTok users in the comments shared their own similar experiences with getting temporary tattoos that won’t come off.

“Are these permanent make up? Got one when I was 18 and it’s still there clear as day,” one user wrote.

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“I still have a graphite dot on my hand from when I was 9. I don’t get how a tattoo would be temporary,” another shared.

“Worst part is that even if it does fade, it only looks fine for a month or two and then looks like you’re going through laser removal for 1-2 years,” a third said.

Celle’s viral clip is a stitch of a video from tattoo artist Bunny (bugpin.bunny.) In her video, she warned viewers against getting temporary tattoos “applied by actual tattoo artists with machines that only last about a year, year and a half” and deemed them a “tattoo scam.”

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“Please do not go there, and make an appointment, and get the [purported temporary] tattoo,” Bunny said in her video. “The tattoos are not temporary. They’re not fully fading.”

The TikToker also revealed that a temporary tattoo company is “being sued currently,” although she didn’t mention the tattoo brand.

However, some viewers assumed Bunny was talking about Ephemeral, a company that administers “real tattoos, made to fade,” as it’s been dealing with several claims of customer dissatisfaction recently.

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