Woman goes viral after throwing gender reveal party for color-blind boyfriend

Two photos of a young couple popping a confetti cannonTIKTOK: jennacowann

A pregnant woman went viral on TikTok after she threw a gender reveal party, forgetting that her boyfriend is color-blind.

In a viral clip with over 2.4 million views, Jenna Cowan and her boyfriend were seen pulling a cannon, as pink confetti showered the young couple.

However, while the TikToker was overjoyed, her partner looked rather confused. After popping the confetti cannon, he turned to his girlfriend, who was 25 weeks pregnant, and asked her: “What is it?”

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Jenna quickly realized her mistake and revealed the gender of their unborn baby to him. He then looked absolutely thrilled after finding out they were having a daughter.

“Oops,” Jenna wrote in the video caption. “Not me forgetting my boyfriend is colorblind during our gender reveal,” read the text overlay of the 19-second clip.

TikTok users were in hysterics over the gender reveal fail, and thought the couple was adorable.

“The way you point at the confetti makes it look like you’re thinking ‘can you not see what it is’,” one user wrote. Jenna replied: “I was thinking that, I was like ‘it’s a girl!?’ How are you confused?”

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“Considering he couldn’t see the color, his face says he didn’t care whether it was pink or blue,” another commented. The TikToker replied that they were “so convinced” it was gonna be a boy.

“It’s the fact that he still did a gender reveal even though he knew he was color blind. He’s a keeper girl,” a third gushed.

“I feel like that minute of not knowing then his face changing made this vid so much more beautiful,” another one added.

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This isn’t the first time a gender reveal party has gone viral on the short-form app; previously, a TikTok couple’s celebration ended in a disaster after their house caught on fire.

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