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Woman escapes from man chasing her in disturbing viral TikTok

Published: 29/Mar/2022 23:21

by Michael Gwilliam


A TikToker is going viral for capturing the scary moment a man allegedly chased her outside in a disturbing encounter.

Going for walks can be a great way to relieve stress and get some exercise, but for TikToker Natalie Rose, her stroll turned into a nightmare after a man began chasing her.

In the viral clip, Rose claimed that she was walking when a man who was sitting on the grass got up, started chasing her, and made a comment about “wanting” her privates.

Using her phone as a mirror to look behind her, the woman began filming in an effort to stay safe and eventually told the man he was freaking her out, demanding he stop following her.


@natalieroseuk Be vigilant ladies! I walked past him, he was sat on the grass and he began chasing me. Then said he wanted my p**sy. I used my phone to look behind and decided to film! Iv reported to the police but wanted to raise awareness on what women face everyday! It’s not okay! #shewaswalkinghome #safetyforwomen ♬ original sound – natalieroseuk

TikToker reveals terrifying chase with stranger

In a follow-up video, Natalie Rose explained how after she confronted the man and told him to stop following her, he backed off for a moment.

However, this moment of peace was short-lived, as Rose said he started following her again, only this time she threatened to call the police when he made another comment about her privates.

The TikToker went on to explain how if she didn’t use her phone to look behind her, she would have had no idea how close the man was getting to her by walking and then running.

@natalieroseuk Reply to @4lillymarie here’s the screenshot and the recording after I started running. #womenssafety ♬ original sound – natalieroseuk

“He didn’t know that I was looking at him getting closer to me,” she said. “As soon as his figure started getting bigger, I knew I was in danger and I ran.”


To make things even scarier, after the stranger finally stopped the chase, he sat next to a younger girl who was sitting under a tree reading a book.

While Rose doesn’t know what happened to her, she did tell the police that he sat next to someone else. Luckily, the girl had multiple witnesses around including some fishermen, so she felt like she would be safe.

The TikToker hopes her video will help raise awareness and more people will use her safety tips if they feel they’re in a dangerous situation and are being followed.