Woman comes under fire for dressing up at her birthday party in viral TikTok video

Don in her birthday party TikTokTikTok: @donsinterludee

TikTok user Donsinterludee was criticized in her viral video for a dress she wore for her birthday party at Dave & Buster’s.

TikTok content creator Donsinterludee went viral for her video where she shows off her dress during a birthday party at Dave & Buster’s. A wave of criticism spilled over the comment section as many found her outfit choice to be questionable.

NoahGlennCarter broke down the situation in his March 20 video where he said: “People are upset with the way this girl dressed to go to Dave & Buster’s. Everyone in the comments is very upset basically saying things like it’s crazy to dress up like that to Dave & Buster’s.”

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Noah asked his fans to share their opinions about the situation and it seems that his fans heavily disagreed with the critique she faced in the comments section of her own video.

TikTok users disagree about Woman overdressing for party

Noah’s viewer base actually defended the girl, stating that she is free to do as she pleases for their own birthday party.

“It’s HER birthday. Why does anyone care,” wrote one user. Before another replied in agreement saying: “for real, let her wear what she wants.”

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“Well, it’s her birthday she’s going to look good on HER day. Let everyone cry about it I see no issue lol,” another said.

“People get mad for literally everything and everyone,” commented another.

“Definition of dress to impress EVERYWHERE and I love it,” another supportive viewer said in the face of the backlash.

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