Woman calls out vendor for showing “locker room talk” about her in company chat

Woman goes viral for confronting male worker over leaked locker room talk messagesTikTok: whitneyrose617

A woman is going viral on TikTok for calling out a male worker who showed “locker room talk” about her after accidentally sharing messages between himself and his coworkers during an online call.

Public relations worker Whitney Rose is taking over TikTok for how she responded to seeing some unsavory messages about herself during a call with a vendor.

Rose’s video, which has racked up over 10 million views at the time of writing, shows the TikToker sitting in front of her laptop on a call before she addresses someone on the other end of the line.

“First of all, if we’re going to continue working together, I want to work with a woman sales representative, because I don’t wanna have to see locker room talk about myself when we’re sharing screens,” she says.

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Another person on the call immediately apologizes to Rose, calling the incident “inexcusable.”

Viewers are praising the TikToker for instantly calling out the worker’s behavior and handling the situation calmly.

“Locker room talk is such a nice way to say that. But good for you for standing up for yourself!” one user wrote.

“You handled this so well!” another praised. “I’m sending this to my daughters! You are AMAZING!”

Woman goes viral for confronting male worker over leaked “locker room talk” messages

However, the ordeal wasn’t over. In a follow-up video, Rose shared an email she’d received from the company’s VP of sales, who apologized for the incident — but claimed he did “not have anyone skilled enough to assist you that is female.”

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“I think that this could have been written a lot better,” the TikToker said. “I also think that he could have picked up the phone and called me himself.”

She went on to criticize the company for not hiring more women, a sentiment that was echoed by commenters. Many viewers urged her to drop the vendor completely — and Rose says that’s basically what’s happening.

In her most recent video, Rose claimed that the VP of sales finally gave her a call to “do damage control, basically to save the sale,” but it’s too little, too late.

“I cannot work with a vendor, and my company will not support a vendor that does not support women in business,” she explained. “It’s just not going to happen. …they don’t deserve to have a business, they don’t deserve to employ any woman, anywhere in the world.”

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For now, she has yet to reveal the vendor’s name publicly, although commenters are vying for her to namedrop the company and “hold them accountable” for the incident.

This is just the latest work-related scandal to go viral on TikTok after a Google worker shared a day in their life after being laid off by the tech giant.