Woman calls out friend’s mom for stranding her at airport after nightmare trip

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A woman called out her friend’s mom on a forum, after leaving her stranded at an airport at 4 am, following a trip from hell.

Traveling is something many of us like to do to relax, relieve stress, and spend more time with our friends and families. For Mumsnet user Lis1992, she discovered her friend’s true colors after a nightmare trip to an all-inclusive holiday resort in Spain.

The user shared a post to Mumsnet, detailing a recent unfortunate trip she had with her friend.

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“I’m just back from a vacation with a friend. We did 10 days at an all-inclusive resort in Spain. For the entire trip (pretty much from the beginning) I got the vibe she didn’t want to be there” she wrote.

The beginning of a nightmare trip


“She complained about the sun, heat, etc (it was Spain in July) and I understand that as it was hot of course. But she was annoyed when I wanted to enjoy some sun by the pool and read my books. So I offered to do stuff during the day and she’d snap and say no way how silly was that in the hottest part of the day etc.”

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She also described other trivial behaviors from her friend, like rolling her eyes after being asked to reciprocate rubbing sunscreen, complaining about the sun, and snapping at her friend when offered to do activities during the day.

In addition, her friend insisted on sharing a room with her for costs and claimed that she didn’t snore. But according to the Mumsnet user, she snores “horribly loudly.”

“She fell asleep instantly and snored with unbearable volume for the whole night. I was chronically sleep deprived and it was really frustrating after paying so much for the trip.”

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Despite trying her best to accommodate her travel companion, her friend was complaining about her to her mom, told her off for not liking big crowds, and snapped at her about a meal they had to split.

The aftermath of the nightmare trip


After the trip, they returned to the airport at 4 AM, four hours later than they were supposed to. Although she lived on the same route home as them, her friend’s mom did not offer her a ride home.

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“She had a lift home from the airport from her mom. The flight was very late (landed at 4 AM after a long delay). I waited with her in the terminal so she wouldn’t be standing alone.” she wrote.

The Mumsnet user says her friend’s mom barely acknowledged her when she arrived, and she was left to take a taxi home.

“As a woman at 4 AM with the steps of the airport inky blank in darkness and deserted, I’d know her mother quite well but she was horribly cold to me and said: ‘you take care now’ in such a dismissive tone as though as I was somehow in the wrong.”

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She didn’t think the treatment was fair, as, before the trip, the Mumsnet user purchased her friend a birthday gift (despite not getting one in return) and even gave her mom a bottle of wine prior to going on the trip.

Lis1992 also said she was willing to provide them with gas money but wasn’t even given a chance. She wanted to know if she was in the wrong for blocking them on WhatsApp and expecting a ride home.

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So what do you think? Would you leave someone like that to get a cab, despite hearing that they were being unpleasant on a vacation? Or is that too far? Let us know.

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