Woman calls out bar after bouncer snaps her real ID in half

Woman calls out bar after bouncer snaps her real ID in halfTIKTOK: kristen_nicoles

A 23-year-old woman went viral on TikTok after claiming a bouncer cut her real ID in half without explanation.

Content creator Kristen (kristen_nicoles) posted a TikTok video about the incident, which has amassed a whopping 7.5 million views.

“I just came to this freaking bar and they snapped my ID in half,” Kristen said. “My real ID, they just snapped in half,” she added, as she held her hand up to the camera to show it was split in two.

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The frustrated TikToker then filmed the bar, and continued to complain that the establishment cut her real ID in half. According to the video caption, the bar is Mother’s Tavern in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

In a follow-up video, Kristen said that the bouncer stamped her and her friends on the wrist and admitted them without any problems. After a few hours, however, they decided to leave to check out other bars.

When they returned to Mother’s Tavern because Kristen wanted to use the bathroom, the same bouncer asked to see her stamped wrist. The 23-year-old claimed he gave her a “funny look” after she showed it to him.

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The bouncer then asked to see her ID, which he also gave a “funny look, before telling the TikToker he needed to keep it while she used the restroom.

“I was really confused. I’ve never heard of a bouncer doing that,” Kristen said. “I had to pee really bad, so I said, ‘Okay, no problem, you can hold my ID.'”

Kristen said when she returned, another bouncer was at the door while the bouncer who took her ID was “nowhere to be found.”

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She continued the story in another video, saying she found out from the new bouncer that the previous one was at “the other end of the bar.” As Kristen approached the original one, he handed her the torn ID and claimed it was fake.

The TikToker doesn’t know why he thought it was fake. The only explanation she could come up with was that he may never have seen a vertical ID before.

Kristen went to the police department the next day to make a report against the bar. She was informed that she’d have to file the report against the bartender rather than the establishment.

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The content creator explained that she’s upset because she’s on holiday and her only form of identification had been destroyed. As she has to drive home, Kristen hopes she does not get pulled over on the way.

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