WillNeff hilariously trolled by xQc fans after trying to disprove YouTube streamer myth

Jacob Hale
xQc and WillNeff
Twitch: xQcOW/WillNeff

100 Thieves Twitch streamer WillNeff was hilariously clowned by Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s chat when he loaded up the Canadian star’s stream, while trying to prove a point about streamers’ communities.

With Ludwig’s surprise switch over to YouTube from Twitch, the distinction between the two streaming platforms, and this shock move, became a huge topic of discussion among streamers.

Of course, money plays a huge part. In fact, MoistCr1tikal said that Twitch typically only offers around 10% of what YouTube and Facebook offer.

One thing many Twitch streamers and viewers cite, though, is how Twitch has more of a ‘community’ than YouTube — and Will set out to dispute that.

Ludwig talking to camera in blue shirt
YouTube: Mogul Mail
Ludwig made the YouTube switch in a move that surprised many.

During his Twitch stream on November 29, Will was explaining to his viewers that, at a certain level of popularity and viewership on Twitch, it’s tougher to truly build a ‘community’ on the platform.

One example he gave was xQc, who has so many viewers that you can’t really keep up with what chat says.

To prove his point, he went and typed in xQc’s chat, saying hi and asking how people were doing — and was immediately met with someone saying “f**k you” to him, perfectly on cue.

Will immediately burst into laughter, saying the brilliantly-timed comment was “beautiful” and “actually hilarious.”

He goes on to say that he loves xQc, but was simply trying to prove a point that the idea his community “wouldn’t survive on YouTube is ludicrous.”

The ongoing discussion around YouTube vs Twitch isn’t one that will easily be settled but, all jokes and insults aside, WillNeff doesn’t think a lack of community should be a legitimate concern.