Wild police footage shows cop rushing to save Jake Paul from Floyd Mayweather’s entourage

Jake Paul addressing camera vlog on airplaneYouTube: Jake Paul

New police footage has emerged of Jake Paul being escorted to safety from Floyd Mayweather following a fierce verbal spat.

Mayweather and Paul have history, with Jake’s brother Logan fighting Floyd last year. The two have had some back and forth since with Floyd even going on record saying that he would consider fighting Jake if it wasn’t for their differing weight classes.

This culminated in a verbal clash last month where Jake accused Mayweather and his entourage of “50 dudes,” of targeting him outside of the Miami-Dade Arena. At the time we only got Floyd’s viewpoint but new revealing police footage tells a different story.

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Police prevented a brawl from breaking out

The Police footage obtained by TMZ shows Jake Paul’s perspective of the Floyd Mayweather confrontation. After Jake fled the scene several of the men accompanying Mayweather chased after him. In response, multiple police officers tried to block off the men whilst repeatedly yelling “Get back!”

Some of the men pushed past the officer in pursuit of Paul but one cop ran ahead of them to safely escort Jake to the closest building. The Officer then blocked off the entrance and informed the other nearby officers that the social media star was the “reason for the commotion.”

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While seemingly dangerous, the truth of the matter is that the altercation was just a PR Stunt, as confirmed by Jake speaking with Wade Plem. Both Paul and Floyd Mayweather had spoken beforehand about setting up the confrontation to create a viral clip.

Even so, none of the involved officers would have been aware of this. The cop that recorded the footage put himself between Paul and the large group of men believing that the situation could have escalated.

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Jake Paul has since moved on from the alteration and is now looking ahead to his upcoming fight with Nate Diaz.