WilburSoot says goodbye to popular character in final Dream SMP stream

Twitch streamer WilburSoot and his Minecraft avatar in Dream SMPInstagram: WilburSoot/ Twitch: TommyInnit

Twitch streamer WilburSoot bid an emotional farewell to his character Ghostbur, who has become an important part of the popular Minecraft server Dream SMP.

YouTube star Dream had no idea just how huge his DSMP would become when he launched the Minecraft server back in May 2020. Some of the creators to have leapt into its domain include GeorgeNotFound, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, and Technoblade.

This manic world would go on to become one of the most popular servers in the Minecraft community, sparking its own lore and an abundance of drama.

A character with a particularly eventful storyline is Wilbur/Ghostbur, created by WilburSoot. However, it was finally time for Ghostbur to say goodbye to DSMP and his fans made sure to tune in.

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WilburSoot removes Ghostbur from Minecraft DSMP

On August 3, TommyInnit joined Wilbur for one final Minecraft livestream playing as their characters in DSMP.

As usual, the two got into various small spats throughout the livestream as they continued developing their new island. Until Wilbur announced that it was time for him to leave and he began to row away in a boat across the water.

Although he initially refused to tell Tommy where he was going, he finally admitted that he was actually from Utah USA, much to his friend’s amazement, and that he was returning to his homeland.

To make it all the more official, Wilbur included a wholesome tribute to the beloved character with a clip showing him in the middle of Utah cosplaying as the Minecraft avatar.

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The livestream went down brilliantly among Wilbur’s fans. As one fan said: “Wilbur Soot prepping us for months to have something so horrible happen to both Revivedbur and Ghostbur only to make Ghostbur happy and send Revivebur into real world Utah is my favorite thing ever.”

It’s not entirely clear what’s next for Wilbur and DSMP, what with him having enjoyed huge success as a musician.

However, knowing the drama that goes on in the server, it wouldn’t be surprising if Wilbur makes a shock return once again.