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Why is “tommy neg” trending on Twitter? TommyInnit sparks outrage with Jschlatt joke

Published: 11/Jun/2021 20:15

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber TommyInnit has sparked outrage across Twitter after appearing to make fun of the Minecraft fanbase in a response to fellow influencer Dream.

The Minecraft fandom has been a whirlwind of drama over the past few days. After Dream appeared in an interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla, he received backlash for his comments about throwing out his own ADHD medication, as well as for his purported thoughts on alleged racism in his community shortly thereafter.

Now, all eyes have shifted over to Minecrafter TommyInnit, who boasts over 9 million subscribers on YouTube for his hilarious antics in the popular multiplayer sandbox game.


The current scandal revolves around Tommy, Dream, and another creator named ‘Jschlatt,’ who has come under fire in the past for making problematic jokes in his YouTube videos.

On Twitter, Dream shared a video created by YouTube that explains the Dream SMP — a hugely popular survival multiplayer server that Dream created, which serves as the popular hangout spot and content mine for himself and his friends.

TommyInnit appeared to notice that YouTube’s explanatory video contained a few moments featuring Jschlatt, and poked fun at the Minecraft fanbase’s past responses to the YouTuber in a reply to Dream’s tweet.


“They included a few jschlatt moments in this video,” Tommy wrote. “Do they not know of his wrongdoings? Do they not know?! I am not happy, Dream.”

Tommyinnit tweet dream jschlatt
Twitter: @tommyinnit
In a now-deleted tweet, TommyInnit appeared to poke fun at the Minecraft community’s heated response to Jschlatt’s past controversies.

Needless to say, Tommy’s post didn’t go over well with the Minecraft community, who quickly got the term “tommy neg” trending on Twitter — a phrase that’s meant to shorten “TommyInnit” and “negative.”

Upset fans discussed why they felt Tommy’s post was hurtful, claiming that he was mocking the fanbase for holding Jschlatt accountable for his jokes.

Tommy has yet to reply to the outrage at the time of writing, leaving many concerned fans and critics awaiting an official response to the ongoing situation.