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Why is #ThanksJoeRogan trending? Twitter clashes over Spotify host

Published: 15/Jan/2022 22:45

by Alan Bernal


Joe Rogan started trending on Twitter after supporters and critics clashed over the popular host and his show “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Rogan has been both praised and criticized for the people he brings on the podcast to discuss a multitude of topics. This has landed the host in hot water in the past, with some JRE episodes even being cut from Spotify after he moved platforms.

This division started to give the #ThanksJoeRogan tag traction on January 15 as praise from fans commending Rogan’s podcast were met with detractors condemning the show.

#ThanksJoeRogan trends from supports

The #ThanksJoeRogan tag started to fly on Twitter after people praised the podcast as a driver of important conversations.


“I’ve followed Joe Rogan for about 5 years,” one user said. “I don’t listen often, but I like that he has health people on from all different perspectives. #ThanksJoeRogan for being real, and for giving a voice to so many!”

Aside from medical topics, Rogan engages in topical discussions with stakeholders in their respective fields. The initiative to have these conversations in the first place has many coming to the JRE show’s defense.

“People need to remember Joe Rogan is the of the show,” one fan said. “It is not him giving the medical advice but the guests he has on his show. Joe Rogan represents me & you- the average person asking the everyday questions we might have.”


JRE blasted by critics

The wave of #ThanksJoeRogan tweets comes off the heels of an open letter on December 31, 2021 from dozens in the science community “concerned” about information spread on the podcast.

As the Twitter tag started to trend, people on Twitter also voiced similar concerns about the podcast that started to ignite discussion on the social media site.

“#ThanksJoeRogan umm for what?” another user said. “Giving unsolicited false medical advice? Misinformation about the safety of the vaccine? Or pushing experimental drugs instead of the vaccine?”

Known for being a TV host and UFC color commentator, Rogan has built an enormous following for the JRE podcast. The show grew so much in popularity that Spotify locked in an exclusive deal for the show in 2020.