Why is Fedmyster banned from Twitch? IRL streamer apologizes for vandalism

Popular League of Legends player William ‘Scarra’ Li.

The American is a regular IRL streamer, broadcasting himself as he travels and does activities with friends and other Twitch personalities, and it was during one of these streams that Fedmyster got himself suspended from the site.

Fedmyster is part of OfflineTV alongside Pokimane.

Why did Fedmyster get suspended from Twitch?

The OfflineTV member has been visiting Japan since March 20, streaming his trip around the country as he takes part in various activities including archery and indoor skydiving.

After a night out with fellow IRL streamer JakenbakeLIVE, a seemingly drunk Fedmyster was shown stumbling around with a traffic cone on his head during a late-night broadcast, flailing his arms as he bounced down an alley. Unable to see where he was going, Fedmyster walked into a vending kiosk, knocking down two wooden doors that were used to close the kiosk.

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JakenbakeLIVE immediately turned the camera away from the situation, telling viewers: “Okay, that’s not good.” The doors were placed back, but Twitch clearly agreed with JakenbakeLIVE’s sentiment, suspending the American’s account for 14 days.

Fedmyster apologizes

While some would argue the nature of the ban, Fedmyster has made it clear that he has no issue with the suspension, posting an apology on Twitter while announcing the news that he would be missing from Twitch for the next two weeks.

“I think the ban is completely justified, and [I] take full responsibility,” wrote the OfflineTV star. “I have already made personal changes to ensure this never happens again. Sorry for letting you guys down.”

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When is Fedmysters Twitch ban over?

According to the tweet from Fedmyster on April 2, his suspension from Twitch will last 14 days, with his return to the platform likely to take place around Tuesday, April 16.

Fans of the Twitch personality will be happy to hear that he intends to post new content on his YouTube channel daily until his ban is lifted, so they will still be able to see content from him for the foreseeable future.