Why fans think TanaCon could be making a comeback

. 2 years ago
Tana Mongeau, YouTube

YouTube star Tana Mongeau held her own version of VidCon, TanaCon, in summer 2018, which infamously went down in flames — but despite its controversy, some fans think the event could be making a surprise comeback.

VidCon is one of the world’s largest events for online content creators, featuring top YouTubers and drawing crowds of thousands of fans who hope to meet their favorite internet personalities.

However, Mongeau hoped to create a rival to the famous convention, prompting the inception of “TanaCon,” which promised to feature such names as ex-Disney star Bella Thorne, YouTuber Shane Dawson, and other celebs.

Tana Mongeau, Instagram
YouTuber Tana Mongeau’s rival to VidCon ended up going down in flames – but some fans think the event might be making an unexpected comeback.

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Although the hype surrounding TanaCon was very real, fans found themselves ultimately disappointed in the event, with many waiting outside in extreme heat for hours without tickets before the convention was ultimately canceled.

Despite TanaCon’s now-infamous status as a disaster, some fans think it could be making a comeback in the near future (current global events aside), with one internet detective discovering a curious development two years later.

Michael Weist, the CEO of event organization company Good Times that helped run TanaCon, reportedly registered the trademark for the convention on April 7, 2020, as evidenced by an entry on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

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While Weist has apparently begun taking steps to bring Mongeau’s event back into the public eye, his social media shows that he is currently working on JuiceKon, with no other trace of the YouTuber’s VidCon rival in sight, otherwise.

United States Patent and Trademark Office
An entry via the United States Patent and Trademark Office website shows that Weist has registered a trademark for TanaCon, leaving some fans curious to see if the event is making a comeback.

It is also noteworthy that Mongeau and VidCon are back on speaking terms, after she initially created her own version of the event after expressing frustrations with not receiving a Featured Creator badge and being able to interact with her fans safely.

Having starred as a featured creator at VidCon London just this year, it seems that TanaCon’s supposed revival is coming out of left field — and a quick look at the comments section shows that fans are a bit wary of its alleged comeback.

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Mongeau likewise has yet to speak on the subject, leaving the matter as mere fan conjuncture for now — forcing many to be suspicious as to what’s really happening behind the scenes.

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