Why did Alex on TikTok get arrested? Youcantfindalex reportedly led police on chase

TikTok: YouCantFindAlex

Known as Youcantfindalex on TikTok, Alex Danyel has reportedly been arrested following an altercation with the police where he led them on a chase.

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity (despite its possible ban in the US), the variety of stories surrounding your favorite creators can be endless.

Youcantfindalex, whose real name is Alex Danyel, has amassed almost 700k followers on his account with various joke videos and special features from his little brother alongside a few videos focusing on his muscles.

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On April 10, 2023, it began spreading that Alex had been arrested the following day and fans are wondering what happened to the creator.

Youcantfindalex reportedly led police on car chase

Shortly after the incident, videos began surfacing on TikTok detailing the reported altercation between Alex and Phoenix, Arizona, police officers.

“Officers went to break up a group that was doing doughnuts in the street but a red Corvette took off. That driver led Mesa police, DPS, and Phoenix police on a chase from the east to the west valley,” the video said.

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It went on to explain that the driver of the Corvette made contact with a police cruiser before it was eventually disabled by spike strips in Pheonix.

Another upload to TikTok shows the influencer walking out of his house backward before being placed in handcuffs by a Phoenix police officer.

This isn’t the first time a popular TikToker has gotten in trouble with the local police in recent months either. Back in October, QCP was reportedly arrested after driving a stolen U-Haul truck around Los Angeles.

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In February 2023, Mormon influencer Frankie Taylor Paul was arrested for alleged domestic violence.

We’ll be sure to update you about Alex’s situation as information is released, but in the meantime head over to our entertainment section for more news.

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