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Entertainment • Nov 27, 2018

Why are premium snapchat creators being reported to the IRS? Everything we know (plus memes)

Why are premium snapchat creators being reported to the IRS? Everything we know (plus memes)

The latest craze embraced by the online ‘incel’ community involves reporting women who make money through premium Snapchats to the tax authorities.


The bizarre campaign has its own hashtag, #ThotAudit, in an attempt to highlight (predominantly) American citizens who have been failing to declare income made through explicit services such as a Snapchat premium.

Premium Snapchat services usually offer sexual content such as nude pictures in return for payment on a monthly basis. They have become popular with women online who have built large followings.


The entire thing seems to have started via a Facebook user known as David Wu and began to trend on Sunday November 25 after controversial pickup artist Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh provided his support to the campaign.

“Online thots are finding out that all income generated from their breasts and vagina is taxable. Men are aggressively organising to report all thots. I don’t blame them: these girls are getting a free ride via beta bux and a broken sexual marketplace that is rigged in the favour of females.” Mr Valizadeh tweeted.

The response online was heavily divided with large volumes of men and women debating the subject over social mediums such as Twitter.


Popular YouTube podcaster and vlogger, Adam22, spoke out on Twitter to claim that he had expected this to happen sometime soon, and that he was glad his girlfriend, popular adult star LenaThePlug, had already started paying taxes prior to this blowing up.

There was of course, plenty of memes also posted on Twitter regarding the subject.

At the time of writing it remains unclear if anyone has actually been targeted by their tax authorities for having a premium Snapchat service, however, it seems unlikely this will the last we'll hear on the subject.