Why are Obama, Biden and Trump AI conversations going viral on TikTok?

Trump Biden Obama AI generated videos go viral on TikTokXbox Wire

AI-generated conversations between US presidents Obama, Biden, and Trump are taking TikTok by storm, becoming one of the app’s most popular new trends.

AI is becoming more and more prominent, with programs like ChatGPT and Midjourney sparking debate across the net regarding the ethics of producing art and books via artificial intelligence programs.

While several apps have gone viral for making creative portraits based on users’ photos, on top of YouTube videos using Midjourney to spawn ‘dark 80’s fantasy films’ out of pre-existing properties, another AI-based trend is taking over TikTok — and it involves three US leaders.

Over the past few weeks, more and more videos have cropped up showing former US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump playing online games with current US prez Joe Biden, and the resulting conversations are nothing short of hilarious.

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AI-generated Trump, Biden & Obama videos take TikTok by storm

One of the more popular videos of this type shows Joe Biden and Donald Trump playing Overwatch together, resulting in humorous trash-talk between the two leaders who were placed on the same team in this fictional scenario.

Still others have gone viral for showing Obama, Biden, and Trump playing a game of UNO — or at least, trying to, as Biden claims he doesn’t have it on his Xbox.

So, how were these videos created? Likely, by using a tool like Murf AI, an AI voice generator program that can create conversations in a person’s voice.

Although it’s unclear if Murf AI was the specific tool used for some of these clips, it can provide emphasis, interjection, and change pitch based on what a user wants, making for some highly realistic discussions.

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Due to the sheer hilarity of all the possibilities, users have started making their own videos of the trio in online games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and GTA Online showing the United States presidents in some situations that are highly contradictory to their office.

This is just the latest trend to take over TikTok involving US politicians after Bernie Sanders unsuspectingly walked into a TikToker’s video, which subsequently went mega-viral.